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Mr & Mrs

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Earrings dangly

Coloured earrings no.2

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You do such a lot to promote small businesses

You two have worked so hard to get Romsey Makers where it is now- I haven’t known you guys for long but it’s clear you’ve got a vision and have really committed to making it happen. 

I’ve only been back doing craft stall stuff since May so I’m no expert but I’m really impressed with what you offer and do, I’m very grateful that you’ve given me the opportunity to sell with you, and you answer my daft emails so THANK YOU and keep up with the awesome stuff!!

E Tanner

Latest Reviews

Allscape Photos

I bought a stunning poppy photo from Mike at Allscape photos. he has such a talent for photography and the print is beautifully sharp and looks incredible in my craft room! thankyou Mike!


Kerri’s Kreations

I bought one of Kerri’s bags and can honestly say that it is so well made, it is strong and really well designed and of such high quality. Kerri’s attention to detail is second to none and Iwill definitely buy from her again.


Chic Pooches

My two cats have one Chic Pooch catnip toy each … they love them! Great quality, both the catnip and the creation. Super feline christmas gift!


Jewellery by Gem

My husband bought me one of Gemma’s beautiful necklaces as an anniversary gift and I LOVE it soo much. It’s so special and really beautiful.


Itchy Avocado

I bought a Luna candle from Itchy Avocado and a car diffuser, both are really lovely. The fragrances are gorgeous and the candle is a really long lasting one. I especially love the glitter on the top. I will definitely be purchasing again.



I bought one of her Citrus Breeze Scented Candle it’s amazing love it!


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News and Upcoming events

We are excited to announce that we are part of the Test Valley Borough of Culture 2020. Click on the image below to find out more about that. 

2020 also sees the expansion of the makers markets- they will be held over the whole weekend each month and expanding out into the new Piazza in Romsey. This means, many more stalls to find gorgeous handmade local crafts, arts and bakes.


Click on the image to find out more.